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“I received acupuncture at AOMS through my entire second pregnancy from the 8th week on.  It helped tremendously with the nausea and vomiting ending it earlier than my first.  From my first treatment forward I felt an energy shift and positive effect in my body and mind.”

~ Dr. Jen

“Acupuncture was my absolute last resort.  I had been experiencing chronic headaches and neck and back tightness as well.  After about a month I was feeling better.  My neck and back were looser and my energy level was higher.  Amy at AOMS is wonderful, thorough and takes the time to explain if you have questions.  I am a believer now from this experience and haven’t had a headache since.”

~ Heather T.

“Conventional doctors told me I had arthritis in my knee and wanted me to take more medicine.  After several treatments and continued exercise, I don’t need pain medicine.”

~ Lori C.

“Acupuncture is an important part of my wellness strategies.  My fibromyalgia stays within manageable limits with this quality care and program.  Also the Chinese herbal medicine has been very successful with managing chronic UTI’s.”

~ Suzanne W.

“Receiving acupuncture has been a major turning point in my life.  I went from depression and insomnia to happy and healthy.”

~ Happy Patient

“I was helped a great deal by the care I received through AOMS.  Amy was very caring and responsive to my needs throughout my treatment and maintenance.”

~ Mary Jo L.

“I rely on AOMS to maintain a higher level of health for my body, mind and spirit.”

~ Erin A.

“Old Lady feeling younger with treatment at AOMS!!!”

~ Ellen D.

“The sessions allow me to center and provide me with an overall feeling of calm.  It’s the place I go to unwind and be in my own skin.”

~ Happy Patient

“Acupuncture has improved my physical and mental health.  It helps me to stay grounded and feel balanced.”

~ Michelle A.

“My treatments allow me to move more comfortably.  It has done great things for my energy level and emotions.  I feel more balanced!!”

~ Peg L.

“The monthly acupuncture I receive helps me mentally and emotionally by it’s calming effect and physically gives me a healthier lease on life and ability to function better-I’m healthier.”

~ Joan R.

“I have found that Amy’s acupuncture treatment helps me greatly and keeps my pain under control.  Additionally I find her very manner therapeutic.  Her training in physical therapy is also put to use to improve my health.  I couldn’t be more satisfied.”

~ Norman M.

“AOMS has made a huge difference in my quality of life.  I never fail to have considerable improvement in headaches or back pain, and often it is very soon after treatment.”

~ Happy Patient

“For me acupuncture is always a healing and balancing experience.  Amy has helped me with a variety of problems-nerve pain, muscular aches, hot flashes, hemorrhoids, stress.  Also two days after carpal tunnel surgery, during an acupuncture session, I actually felt the full return of sensation in my hand.  It was truly amazing.”

~ Anne L.

“The care and treatment we have received have greatly benefited our body’s health.  In using acupuncture and a combination of herbal medicines many health issues can be treated without the use of prescription drugs.”

~ Happy Couple

“I came to AOMS very desperate as I was rapidly loosing my hair.  My primary care doctor was uncertain as to why and I consulted the dermatologist.  She told me it could be hormonal (but all the labs were normal) or stress.  I was told it may or may not stop and might not grow back.  At a loss, I called AOMS and began taking Chinese herbs.  Not only did the hair stop falling out, it began to grow back.  I also noticed a subtle difference in how I was feeling, generally much better.  My visits to AOMS were fascinating and I learned a good deal just from a few visits.  I would recommend AOMS to anyone.”

~ Pam G.

“Treatment has given me stability in my day to day functioning as well it has given me lasting energy in my stressful schedule.”

~ Dave P.

“Since my posture is just fair at that, AOMS has helped me tremendously.  While I have scoliosis, the treatment has helped my alignment a great deal.  The aches and pains have decreased immensely as well.  Thanks to AOMS!!!”

~ Peg W.

“It has been 5 years now recovering from terminal lung cancer.  I have relied on AOMS to help with supplemental medicine.  Without my herbs I know my recovery would not have been this far advanced.  It provides me with a boost to my immune system.”

~ Gary E.

“Amy is a caring, healing therapist with the ability to craft personal regimen of treatments for each of her individual patient’s needs.  Amy is a knowledgeable practitioner of acupuncture and the science of herbology.  She never lectures to you; she teaches and demonstrates a path to a better you.”

~ Robert A.

“After 2 treatments Amy was able to relieve sciatic pressure and my back felt 100%.”

~ Sarah G.

“Treatments were very effective.  Amy is very professional and caring.”

~ Elmer D.

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